SAFTEY ASSURED SUPPLEMENTS Palatability Tested And Approved By Freddy Free Postage On Prders Over £100

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We test every formulation carefully for palatability to ensure all our four-leggeds customers enjoy our supplements, and we test on the fussiest eater we can find to ensure the balance is just right. 'Freddy' the 6 year old thoroughbred belongs to co-founder Didi and is our chief palatability tester, here's his story...

"Freddy is my 4 year old thoroughbred, I could describe him as the perfect horse and he has very quickly become my favourite. Freddy only has one little issue, he is the fussiest eater you can find! When he came to me from the racing yard he wouldn't eat anything for days, he doesn't like most feed, even the most palatable ones, and he refuses to try polos, apples and carrots. 

We decided to use Freddy as our tester for all of our supplements and make him try them all for palatability and ask for his approval before we put them on the market!".

Freddy has now approved all of the 19 supplements in our range and he is particularly loving the SHINE ON, one that he has every night in his feed, helping his condition and giving him a healthy, shiny coat, just look at him now!

Didi X