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Short on Facilities? Filler Ideas


Here’s an idea for wings!

If you’re not lucky enough to have access to a full set of jumps in a lovely arena – fear not! Here’s 13 ideas you might be able to make use of…

Find any of the following, then paint them, fill them and stack them to create interesting fillers which will prepare your horse for anything spooky in the ring:

  • Metal oil drums or plastic barrels – these look great painted
  • Old tea chests – paint them as dice!
  • Road cones
  • One or more numnhas or a rug draped over poles
  • Plastic buckets – without handles
  • Flower pots with real or artificial bushes/flowers
  • Upright tyres – try painting in to life rings
  • Baskets full of old stuffed toys – if your horse will jump these, he’ll jump anything!
  • Old fashioned fruit wooden crates filed with branches – ensure small gaps and no nails visible
  • Logs
  • Large plastic boxes – stabilise with bricks or sand
  • Shavings or feed bags
  • Tarpaulin or plastic as a water tray – avoid using round poles to weigh down, use small flat planks of wood so it won’t matter if your horse steps on them


Try your nearest charity shop or £1 store. As long as it’s bright, free from sharp edges and heavy enough to withstand some wind (unless you can weigh it down or safely attach it to the poles) take it home with you!

Important to remember: Introduce your horse slowly to the new fillers, especially youngsters or horses who’ve been spooked by jumps in the past.


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