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6 Tips for a More Elastic Canter

adjustable canterWe often hear the words ‘more adjustable canter’, or ‘more elastic canter’ and we know that achieving that will improve our riding, whether we’re jumping or doing a dressage test, but how can we achieve it? Here are some well tested tips to help:

  • Practice doing lots of transitions from every pace, start from trot-canter-trot then progress to canter-walk-canter. This will make the horse listen to your aids and be ready to react
  • Do many transitions from a working or collected trot to a medium trot, repeat in canter
  • Progress from doing these exercises in a straight line to doing them on large circles (20-25 m)
  • Ensure your horse, whether on a straight line or circle, isn’t over bent or falling in/out and he is pushing straight to develop a strong correct pace
  • Use two poles. Set at 4 or 5 strides apart and then ride through on a good canter at the correct strides. Then shorten the canter to add a stride, complete several times before opening up the canter to remove a stride. You will then start to feel how you can shorten and lengthen the horse
  • Maintain quality. If your canter is active, bouncy and your horse is reactive to your aids you are 90% there!

Remember good management will help you get the best from your horse and assessing all of his routine is key. If your horse struggles with focus and is easily distracted consider diet, it may be beneficial to add a calmer to his feed regime. ReadySupp Ultra Calm is designed to help provide cognitive support to horses who are spooky, reactive or nervous. Supporting and improving attitude can help improve training and results so consider the whole picture.

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