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Improve Your Jumping with Chloe Winchester’s FIVE Top Tips


Chloe and Avoca Valkyrie at Hickstead in 2015 where they won the Queen Elizabeth II Cup.

Young showjumping star Chloe Winchester shares what she thinks are the most important tips for better jumping.  Practicing these at home doesn’t always mean having access to a course and you can even work on improving number 3-5 while cantering out hacking!  

1. Jump small at home. In training it’s not the height of the fence that matters but the way you

jump it. Set up a course of small fences and jump round concentrating on your

own position without worrying about the fences.

2. “Let the fence come to you” is a phrase my Mum has always used. Don’t rush to

the fence, stay in your balanced, rhythmic canter.

3. Quality canter. Getting to the fence is all about the quality of your canter, if you have a

good, rhythmic, balanced canter then you are likely to meet the fence correctly.

If your canter feels too comfortable then it is more than likely there is not

enough energy and ‘punch’ to it. This doesn’t mean pace but the hind leg coming

underneath the horse to create the power.

4. Importance of flatwork. Ride-ability around a course can be the difference between jumping a clear

and not. This means working on your flat work, so that when you ask the horse to

come back to you he responds straight away so that in the ring you can make your

adjustments as quickly as possible.

5. Counting strides. Don’t get caught up in “seeing a stride”. Go back to basics and work on the

quality of your canter, often counting to the rhythm of your canter will keep it

level and you will arrive at the fence correctly.

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