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Does Your Horse Suffer with Allergies? These Tips Will Help…

ay111415946stafford-united5 Tips to Help Manage Seasonal Allergies

Allergies that cause respiratory problems including coughing and wheezing can strike during the summer as well as the winter so good management is key to keeping your horse happy and healthy.

Horses allergic to summer dust and pollen are often diagnosed with ‘summer pasture associated obstructive pulmonary disease’ (SPAOPD), which usually involves a cough as well as nasal discharge. Management can be difficult since it’s not easy to avoid all dust and pollen, although affected horses can be helped with some forward planning. If this is something your horse suffers with try implementing the following:

    • Stable the horse during the day with a dust-free regime, feed soaked hay or haylage, use dust-free bedding and frequently dust the stable (do this with the horse out of the stable)
    • Some horses may need inhaled medication during the pollen season, your vet will advise
    • Maintain overall good health with appropriate exercise, a healthy body condition, good parasite control and regular dental checks
    • Feed a balanced diet, adding a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to horses and ponies who don’t need the full recommended amount of compound feed (coarse mix or nuts)
    • Feed a well-formulated respiratory supplement such as ReadySupp Lung Aid to help promote healthy function, support healing and encourage natural expulsion of respiratory irritants

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