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Gridwork Dos and Donts: Seven Important Tips

Tina Fletcher"Training The Young Horse"at Foxglade Farm on 11thGridwork is an incredibly useful tool and there are many interesting combinations to assist in development of horse and rider balance, strength, suppleness, and coordination. It can also help improve specific issues such as poor rhythm, difficulty in covering the ground, and use of whithers over the jump. 

Follow ReadySupp’s tips to help improve your skills:

DO start simply. Begin with a couple of jumps initially, then add more as your horse grows in confidence. Do not introduce bounces until your horse (and you) are comfortable and confident with grids

DO think of frequency.  Ideally do gridwork once a week and aim for gradual development

DO allow the horse to find his balance and rhythm before you build a larger or longer grid

DO have someone knowledgable on the ground to assist you as you might need to adjust the jumps and the poles on the ground quite often

DON’T guess. If you are not sure about the distances between jumps don’t make them up.  If the person on the ground is not 100% sure use a gridwork book for exact distances and a tape measure.

DON’T over do it. Gridwork is hard work as it requires a much more intense jumping effort, so always build up your horse’s ‘gridwork fitness’ gradually

TOP TIP: If your horse is young or inexperienced start from a pole grid and slowly progress to jumps. 

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