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Want to Ride a Better Dressage Test? These 7 Tips Show You How…

The dressage tesIt’s rare that any of us leave the arena feeling like we’ve just ridden the perfect test, although with practice we can improve in focus and train our minds to concentrate on things we can affect on the day.

Train your mind by focusing on these useful bits of advice from dressage rider and trainer Maddi Burchell to help improve your test every time out.

1. Take your time and don’t rush around your test, there is no prize for getting round in the fastest time! Remembering to breathe can help you avoid rushing.

2. Make sure you know the test really well, there is nothing worse than not being 100% about what you are about to do, if needs be (and they are permitted), get someone to call your test. Put aside plenty of time to learn your test prior to an event, being able to visualise your test perfectly will mean you can dedicate brain time to your riding when it matters most. 

3. Compete for yourself and to achieve your own goals, it’s so easy to get hung up on trying to beat another rider or another score. Remember every judge judges a little differently and it’s irrelevant what others have done, you can only do what you and your horse are capable of, so focus on getting the best out of yourself. 

4. Ride positively and don’t let a mistake (if it happens) ruin the rest of your test.  Remember, the mistake will only effect one mark so don’t throw more away by giving up or getting stressed. It will only unsettle your horse. 

5. Be accurate. Make sure you ride to and from markers and that your circles are round and that your straight lines are straight. 

6. Make sure you are riding forward (not rushing!).

7. SMILE & RELAX. This will help you maintain a calm focus and channel positivity.

 Maddi Burchell is a Dressage Rider and Trainer.  Maddi trains with olympic Gold Medalist Carl Hester and has also trained in Spain with top riders and at The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain.  Maddi is a BD Listed Trainer and is currently taking her UKCC Level 3 qualification. She currently trains horses and riders of all levels and abilities, from Novice to Grand Prix. Maddi is also a qualified Rider Biomechanics Coach. As well as Riding and training horses and riders, Maddi also specialises in equine rehabilitation. 

Maddi uses ReadySupp Ultra Calm supplement to help some of her horses focus on their job.

If you have any questions on equine supplements, and want to improve your horse’s health, performance, or attitude give our friendly team a call 01672 541 157 for advice. We won’t try and hard sell you anything – we promise.

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