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Want Faster Times Against the Clock? Spencer Roe Tells You How

Spencer shares his training tips

Spencer shares his training tips

Jumping a perfect double clear is what most of us are ultimately aiming for, but jumping a fast, clear second round and coming home with a rosette is even more rewarding. With the help of good training and the right amount of practice this is within reach.

Spencer Roe

ReadySupp rider and one of Britain’s brightest future stars Spencer Roe picks out his TOP 5 TIPS for riding a good ‘jump off’.

1. Keep it as smooth as possible, make sure you’ve visualised the route you’ll take carefully and be realistic about turns and approaches

2. Always start off with a good rhythm, and try and maintain it through the round

3. Don’t get too physical with your body – it comes from the leg

4. Flow through your turns, it’s more balanced and ultimately faster

5. Know your horse – don’t try to do too tight a turn if you know your horse isn’t ready for it, it will only surprise him and will likely result in a refusal

Keep this advice in mind when riding and it will eventually become second nature, your rounds will be smoother and faster with less errors.

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