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Why Feed Vitamin E + Selenium?

46711_801257606574992_8718696603652786319_nWhy Supplement with Vitamin E and Selenium…

Both are required by performance horses in hard work to keep them at optimal athletic and reproductive health. They work together to prevent tissue damage from free radicals, which are produced by enzyme and cellular membrane components. Vitamin E and Selenium help maintain muscle and vascular integrity at the cellular level.

By supplementing a horse with Vitamin E and Selenium it allows the performance horse to absorb and retain more powerful antioxidant in tissue reserves which helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, speeds up recovery time after intense work and also increase exercise tolerance. Studies have suggested that the vitamin has beneficial effects on a horses performance due to the support of oxygen to the lungs.

Vitamin E and Selenium also have a vital importance to fertility and natural growth. Mares supplemented with Vitamin E and Selenium produced foals with an improved immunoglobulin status, which ensures a strong neonatal immune system. Supplemental Selenium improves the mare’s ability to maintain her selenium reserves during gestation and lactation so both her and her foal will receive the antioxidant protection needed to stay healthy. Vitamin E has been linked with increased libido and semen quality in stallions.

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