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Training Tips: Back to work without the spookiness

Spooky_horseBringing some horses back in to work after time off can be challenging, especially youngsters, or those  prone to naughtiness. Follow these simple rules to help avoid problems:

    1. A horse coming back in to work is bound to be fresh; ideally he should do 4-6 weeks of roadwork before he can be schooled or lunged, but safety always comes first. If it’s possible to use a horse walker it’s ideal to use it for a few of days, especially for horses that come from a period of box rest
    2. When the roadwork programme starts, or with a particularly spooky horse is always advisable to wear a neck strap
    3. Whether in the school or on the roads never let your guard down, or completely trust a fresh or particularly spooky horse; always hold the reins properly, allowing the horse to stretch, but without letting go of a safe grip
    4. When a spooky horse is in full work, or ready for competitions, if safety is an issue it is advisable to lunge the horse to take the edge off and give him the chance to have a good look around a new environment
    5. Feed a calming/relaxing supplement or hormone balancer for mares will help. Adding ReadySupp Ultra Calm or Moody Cow to a feeding regime will give noticeable results after two weeks


Author: Co-founder of ReadySupp Didi Verdina is a UKCC BSJA Coach and is qualified to the equivalent of BHSI. Didi competes when time permits, enjoys producing young horses for herself, and has a list of devoted pupils who she still teaches in her spare time. 

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