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Top Travel Tips from the Pros

Travel your horse safely with these useful pieces of advice from our professional riders:


  • Before loading ensure the lorry or trailer is safe and all the back lights are working
  • Always open windows, optimum ventilation is essential when travelling
  • Don’t over rug. Even if it’s a cold winter morning once the ramp is closed, and especially with multiple horses onboard, the temperature inside can rise significantly
  • On long trips, make the trip as comfortable as possible by planning your route carefully to avoid getting lost and/or having to travel on narrow lanes
  • Always travel with someone sitting next to you, especially on long trips, so the horses can be checked regularly for temperature and offered water
  • If your horse is young and/or not used to travel, avoid travelling boots that could slip if the horse gets agitated. Opt for bandages or boots, making sure they are not too loose or too tight
  • Remember it is compulsory to travel with your horse’s passport
  • Give your horses a smooth ride and drive sensibly. A bad trip could affect your horse’s willingness to load next time and it can take a long time for a horse to forget a bad experience
  • For long trips, check your horse’s temperature when you arrive at destination and, if possible and safe to do, break up a journey by taking the horses off the lorry for half hour and allow them to walk around and stretch their legs
  • Breakdown cover is recommended. With it you won’t be left stranded on the side of the road with horses on board and you’ll avoid a hefty bill for rescue

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