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Autumn Laminitis Caution

obese horseThere is the suggestion that there are more cases of laminitis admitted to veterinary clinics in September than any other month as autumn brings the grass back to life, so supporting horses and ponies prone to laminitis is especially important at this time.

Horses that are prone to laminitis should be fed low calorie, low sugar, low starch feeds which include the correct level of vitamins, nutrients and minerals required on a daily basis. It’s easy to feed lower levels on severely restricted diets so be aware of this.

ReadySupp LamiCare is formulated to provide vascular and metabolic support through its combination of hoof-supporting nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals and is suitable for both horses and ponies, including those on restricted diets.

30mg of biotin per scoop, plus essential fatty acids (including omega-3) help support healthy growth and function and hawthorn, cinnamon and fenugreek help to support a healthy metabolic balance.

LamiCare also includes amino-acid chelates of bioavailable copper and zinc to support keratinisation of tissue and may help increase hoof strength. Live yeast probiotics also help support digestive disturbances that can be associated with laminitis.LamiCare

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