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Do you Compete? Here’s How NOPS Can Help Keep You Safe

Tub 14Do you have a horse competing at affiliated level? Or do you keep your horse at a yard where others compete at intermediate or advanced levels? If so, it’s important to be aware of contamination risks in the feed room so prohibited or restricted substances do not make their way accidentally in to feeds, which could return a positive result.

Advice to follow: Look on your feed bags and supplement tubs for the green BETA NOPS code. This means feeds and supplements are tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances BETA - NOPS 2014 logo-1-01(NOPS) such as caffeine and other herbal contaminants that are restricted in competition.

The scheme helps to reassure owners and provides a list of participating companies who manufacture according to the code to offer higher levels of traceability and accountability for peace of mind.

Additionally, it’s also important to educate yourself as an owner or rider in order to spot areas which could pose risks. We all know that we shouldn’t be sharing buckets and stirrers which have been used for medication but it goes further than that.

Saracen-super-fiImplement good feed room management. Make feeds in order depending on those to be supplemented or medicated, keep tubs tightly closed after use and clean utensils regularly, this will all help maintain a low risk of contamination.

Keeping accurate feed records is also a good idea for any horses competing under rules and although laborious, keeping tubs or feed sacks for duration periods of any risk will mean owners can trace/rule out any contamination source more quickly using feed or tub residue samples and/or batch numbers.

For a full list of participating companies, more advice on prohibited substances and information on best practice visit

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