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Katie Jerram Explains Why Showing is Important

Barber's Shop behaving impeccably at the Royal Windsor Horse Show Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Barber’s Shop behaving impeccably at the Royal Windsor Horse Show Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Many horse owners and riders have enjoyed showing at some level, for those who weren’t completely bitten by the showing bug the experience opened doors to other competitive disciplines, such as eventing and showjumping.  The showing industry contributes more than we might imagine to our sport so why is it important to continue to push standards? We asked Katie Jerram, one of the darlings of the UK showing world what she thinks…

Showing helps owners and riders strive for perfection and improve their skills across different areas, it teaches a lot about turnout, training and perfecting the way of going. To be in with a chance of winning you must aim for top standards. Showing is an opinionated sport that pushes owners to be correct. Today this is very focused on a fit and healthy horse, which is a positive contribution. 

Many breeds would dwindle and the quality of horses and ponies would be lost if it was not for showing classes, and in the UK we have many lovely breeds.”

Involved in showing from a young age Jerram progressed on to other disciplines including eventing and racing, where she enjoyed some success, only to return to showing through the interests of her clientele. She explains why she loves showing so much, “I love looking at beautiful animals and good confirmation. I also like the fact that as a sport it’s accessible and many riders can compete in a wide range of categories from mountain and moorland to hunters.

Novice Cob Knightsbridge Seventh in the Cob Championship at Royal Windsor 2016

Novice Cob Knightsbridge Seventh in the Cob Championship at Royal Windsor 2016

I really enjoy producing. It gives me great pleasure to ride the horses, but equally I love watching clients enjoy a lovely day with their horse, and it’s even better if they win! 

Barber's Shop winning the ROR showing class at Windsor 2016

Barber’s Shop winning the ROR showing class at Windsor 2016

My favourite showing class would have to be the hunters. I love a true old fashioned lightweight hunter with bone, movement and the ability to go on and do another discipline after showing, whether that be hunting or eventing. I love a sports horse!”

Katie and her team were at Royal Windsor Horse Show last weekend for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, late night rehearsals meant the horses were up late and the team had more to contend with than usual.

Incredibly after the late nights and big atmosphere Her Majesty The Queen’s horse Barber’s Shop still managed to come out and win the ROR (NH) class. He is such a gentleman and a testament to what showing can offer!

Katie feeds all her show horses on ReadySupp’s Shine On which helps her achieve the very best show coat and she believes that producing unbeatable health and shine should “start from the inside out”.

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