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Katie Jerram’s Top Tips on Winter Maintenance for Summer Success

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Top showing producer Katie Jerram shares her tips for maintaining horses through the winter months in order to have them in the best condition for the show season.

Katie’s 7 top tips:

1. Encourage coat changes. I like to let the animal grow a winter coat through November and December and then in late January I put another two layers on so they will start to shed their coat because of the extra warmth. Leaving the lights on later in to the evening is also known to help encourage the coat change.

2. Clip appropriately. If you have a trace, chaser or blanket clip make sure you’ve taken it to a full clip to avoid having lines as the coat changes. If you have a hairy leg problem that needs clipping, try and keep those areas trimmed up all year to maintain control, and remember that one good clip will really help.

3. Treat each horse individually. I recommend a full clip for any horses with thicker coats so that the summer coat comes early, but I leave and work on those with a mid coat.

4. Maintain the horse from the inside out. Make sure you use a good quality coat supplement. I feed ReadySupp Shine On all through the year to keep a healthy coat. A good worming scheme should also be a priority, poor maintenance will not result in a shiny, healthy looking horse.

5. Keep a diary so nothing is missed. Ensure all the show horses are measured in time, and registrations for horses and riders all need to be done.

6. Use the winter productively. We tend to have our young horses broken before Christmas so now’s the time to get them out locally to indoor schools and clinics socialising with others and learning to work in a group.

7. Added benefits of jumping. We have also been out jumping lots as it keeps the horses interested and gives them a different outlook. Including lots of pole work also massively improves connection and way of going, it also helps in lengthening the stride and ensuring the horse is engaged from behind.

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Best of luck,


P.S. You can purchase the Shine On coat supplement I use with a 20% introductory discount by using the code: INTROSO

Katie Jerram is one of the leading show horse producers in the UK. She is an accredited trainer with the BSPS, the BHS, and PUK and is widely respected for her knowledge, professionalism and dedication. Katie’s philosophies on feeding well and maintaining equine health from the inside-out saw her choose ReadySupp for everyone in her yard. Follow her blog here for more showing advice and tips… 

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