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Coat Care: Must Do’s Before Spring

Out Shine the Competition!

Prepare for the ultimate coat this show season. Whether you are producing horses and ponies for the show ring, or simply want to achieve five star turnout, thinking about coat health before your horse starts changing his coat is important. Optimising his diet and then managing his rugging routine correctly will allow him to produce a healthy, shiny, and lustrous coat.

Follow these four tips for a healthy shine:

  1. First and foremost, a shiny, sleek hair coat depends on a well-balanced diet that supplies enough good quality protein, vitamins and minerals to maintain optimum health
  2. Inner health is critical – especially a healthy gut. Ensure enough fibrous forage is provided, limit starch for sensitive horses and consider extra digestive support such as Digestive Care, which offers both pre- and pro-biotics. A healthy mind is also essential for good outer health!
  3. Add a specific coat-supporting supplement, which should supply omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. ReadySupp Shine On has been formulated for ultimate shine and includes a linseed rich blend of coat conditioning ingredients, essential amino acids, chelated minerals and biotin to encourage health from the inside
  4. Feed extra support for at least one month before the winter coat begins to shed, and carry on until it has been replaced by the new, healthy summer coat
  5. Rug correctly through the winter and into spring to ensure there is no rubbing and bald patches which will result in an uneven coat, this goes for the mane too!
  6. Maintain a good trimming regime through winter so the mane, tail and feathers have chance to grow and/or shape as required

ReadySupp team rider Katie Jerram feeds ReadySupp Shine On to help produce the healthiest coats in her show horses, she believes that starting from the inside is the key to unbeatable shine.

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