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Producing Top Class Youngsters: Feeding Facts to Remember

foalIf you want to produce a top-class youngster, start early and bear these 6 tips in mind…

  1. Foals do most of their growing and developing in the final 3 months of gestation so be sure to feed the mare a well-balanced diet during this time and add a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement if she’s not being fed the full recommended amount of compound feed
  2. Feed the mare extra vitamin E and selenium in the final 3 months to boost transfer of immunity to the foal
  3. Ensure a good but steady growth rate in your foal, supplementing the mare’s milk with creep feed if necessary
  4. Plan weaning carefully and try to avoid a dip followed by a spurt in growth
  5. Don’t be tempted to rush growth or allow the youngster to get too fat – this can cause joint problems amongst other health issues
  6. Always ensure a balanced intake of minerals and vitamins to the growing youngster, and feed a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement if the foal doesn’t need the full recommended amount of compound feed


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