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Jumping Indoors: Six Survival Tips for Winter Warm Up Arenas

r0_0_3500_1971_w1200_h678_fmaxWe know they will be SMALL, they’ll be BUSY and they’ll be CHALLENGING at the best of times so follow our SIX SURVIVAL TIPS for the showjumping winter warmup arena:

Left-hand to left-hand is the rule! Otherwise mind reading is required at every stride to avoid being cut up.  Don’t pay attention and head-to-head (or-knee-cap-to-knee-cap) collisions could be the result.

Watch out for the show-offs. These riders will be practicing their dressage movements right in front of the fence you are two strides away from jumping.

Keep an eye out for riders who practice their angled jump-off lines and appear out of nowhere as you are taking off!  It will be too late to circle away from the fence and 9-times-out-of-10 they’ll knock the fence down and you’ll end up jumping a pile of rolling poles.

Keep an eye on pedestrians! Those who mistake the warm up arena for a ‘walk on your mobile phone zone’ pose a threat. Being so distracted it’s easy for them to forget that horses have priority.

Beginners luck. Remember, the smaller the jumps the less experienced the competitors will be as a class. Watch out for young horses, naughty horses, children on ponies, first timers and inexperienced helpers, who might not be much help at all.

Hazard perception test! Keep your wits about you to stay one step ahead, and don’t forget that these rules apply to you too!

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