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6 Top Clipping Tips…

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If you’re new to clipping The Pony Club has this useful chart available to buy…

Make Clipping Easier, Faster and More Accurate with These Top Tips!

Choose the right clip for your horse. If it’s the horse’s first time a chaser or trace clip might be most suitable – with only half of the head taken off if he’s a little wary. Take time to let the horse get used to the clippers beforehand if he’s spooky.

Look after blades. Ensure your blades are well maintained and stored carefully in a dry box. Ideally the tension nut should be left loose when not in use. Regular sharpening is important for a good clip! And a yearly service is recommended by most manufacturers.

Make sure your horse is clean and free from mud before you clip, muddy or sweaty patches are an easy way to blunt your clippers and leave you with wobbly lines.

Use chalk. Chalk is useful to mark accurate lines before clipping. You’ll end up with an even balanced finish and the job will be more time efficient.

Prepare what you need. Make sure you have the right equipment to hand. A rug is useful as a cold horse will probably fidget, and a twitch and overalls will also come in handy.

Supplement feeding. Start feeding ReadySupp Shine On to help any horses prone to itchy or irritated skin. The comprehensive formulation will help lubricate, condition and improve the quality and elasticity of the skin, while encouraging healthy cellular renewal and growth.

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