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Protecting Joints: Top tips for Staying Sound

1Did you know that limb problems have overtaken foot problems as the most common cause of lameness in horses?

Here’s our top tips for long-term soundness:

• Take good care of joints and muscles by feeding a balanced diet – with careful regard of vitamin and mineral intake

• Provide good nutrition during the first 3 years to help develop healthy joints in young horses and ponies

• Avoid overfeeding energy, starch or water soluble carbs (sugar and fructan) and avoid excess body fat levels, all of which can have a detrimental effect on joint health

• Start fitness regimes with good planning. Establish what you want to do, so that you know exactly what you are getting your horse fit for, and work backwards, putting an exercise program in place

• Fitness work should be consistent and progressive. Use the hard day/easy day principle and ensure your horse is conditioned (fit) enough for the events you intend to do

• Assess your horse daily, feeling joints and limbs for heat, lumps and bumps and consider how he has gone during ridden work. Then adjust his work program accordingly

• Ensure your horse has regular visits from a qualified physiotherapist and/or sports massage therapist to aid musculoskeletal health

• Feed a good quality joint-supporting supplement to all horses in hard work or to those showing any signs of joint challenges

ReadySupp Joint Care offers ideal support for young developing joints or those horses needing everyday support, it includes the highest recommended*  levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and vitamin C.

For horses with joint problems, injuries or those in very hard work ReadySupp Performance Joint offers the same joint supporting active ingredients along with additional well known anti-inflammatory herbs and extracts for ultimate support.

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If you have any questions on equine supplements, and want to improve your horse’s health, performance, or attitude give our friendly team a call 01672 541 157 for advice. We won’t try and hard sell you anything – we promise.

* Recommended levels of active ingredients are provided by Equine Nutritionist Clare MacLeod MSc RNutr who can be found at

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