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Supplements and the Dressage Horse: 4 Tips for Success

Maddi_BurchellReadySupp supplements teamed up with dressage rider and trainer Maddi Burchell to discuss how feeding the right supplements can help keep dressage horses in peak physical and mental condition.Performance Joint

1. Consider where your dressage horse is at in his career and what you need him to do. A good joint supplement will help to support a comfortable, free moving horse or pony. Maddi feeds ReadySupp Performance Joint to all of her horses to help keep them loose and supple, she said, “Personally I think that all horses working to PSG, or those with older joints should be kept on the Performance Joint supplement.” For youngsters, or horses without joint stiffness or injuries the ReadySupp Joint Care provides a high quality, more cost effective joint supplement.

Ultra Calm2. Think about your horse’s temperament and character. Dressage horses can be sensitive and highly strung so an effective calmer can be beneficial in aiding concentration and trainability. Maddi said, “ReadySupp Ultra Calm is excellent as it helps the sensitive horse to focus without losing any sparkle and it can be fed daily, or prior to a big event. It also benefits young horses particularly well when they’re experiencing something for the first time, whether it be competition, travelling, or camp. I’ve had two horses with really big attitude problems and they’ve improved hugely on Ultra Calm.”Grumpy Girth

3. Help to reduce stress where ever possible. Intensive training, frequent travelling, new scenery and hard work can all create a tense and stressed horse. “With sensitive horses often seems to come digestive disruptions so I feed ReadySupp Grumpy Girth to help soothe the gut. It’s suitable for horses in competition, those stabled most of the time and those travelling regularly’, Maddi said.Vitamin E

4. Don’t forget to hydrate hard working horses and also support their muscles. ReadySupp electrolytes help replenish important body salts lost during hard work and feeding can help maintain performance over long events, especially in warm weather. Maddi helps support her horses’ optimum muscle function for increased endurance and performance with ReadySupp Vitamin E & Selenium.


It makes sense that the ReadySupp supplement range was created by professional riders and trainers in collaboration with top equine nutritionists, it means every formulation is tailored to meet the real-world challenges faced by riders, trainers, breeders and owners at all levels.

If you have any questions on equine supplements, and want to improve your horse’s health, performance, or attitude give our friendly team a call 01672 541 157 for advice. We won’t try and hard sell you anything – we promise.

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