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Cleanliness in the Feed Room: Does it matter?

Feed RoomsEver thought about how clean your tack room is and how it could affect your horses? Here’s four points to consider:

Ingesting mould spores can cause colic so keep things clean. Horses are particularly susceptible to moulds, so all feed bowls, scoops and mixing utensils should be thoroughly washed regularly and ideally after each use. Horses are also susceptible to mycotoxins, poisonous substances that are produced by moulds under specific circumstances. All types of feedstuffs including grain and forages can be affected, so check your horse’s feed and forage carefully for any signs of fungal contamination.

Keep rats out! Keeping the floor clean and all feed and supplements in air-tight, rodent-proof containers will minimise wastage and avoid contamination by rodents.

Did you know…  Grain – and therefore coarse mixes – contains mite eggs, and if left after the use-by date, mite infestation is likely. All out-of-date feed should be disposed of, and floors, shelves and bins kept clean and free from old, spilled feed.

Protect your investment. There is little point in spending a lot of money on expensive feed and supplements, then leaving old, mouldy, bacteria-ridden feed residue on the bucket, clean buckets daily and do the water buckets, spoons and feed scoops while you’re there.

ReadySupp supplements have a shelf life of four years and are supplied in strong containers with airtight lids. Keep them stored in dry feed rooms and ensure lids are left on securely.  Contact our friendly team if you have any questions on supplements or equine nutrition on 01672 541 157.

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