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Meet New Team Member Lorenzo de Luca!

Lorenzo De LucaItalian showjumping star Lorenzo de Luca is the newest international rider to join the ReadySupp team. He won at Lummen this year in the CSI05* and has taken numerous victories in Europe. He tells us what riding means to him and where his plans will take him this year.

De Luca began riding at nine years old and has never looked back since, “I always loved horses, even though none of my family ride, when I eventually got one I never got off!”, he said.

It seems he was just as determined about his career path,  “I always wanted to be a professional rider, it’s important to do something you like in life and this is the best job in the world”. If de Luca wasn’t riding he says he would be a full time trainer, “I love horses and I need to be around them”.

The team have a busy competition schedule ahead of them including Hickstead CSIO in July. De Luca is also hoping to make it to the Europeans and “future plans will definitely be focused on qualification for Rio in 2016”, he said.

Lorenzo2Known for his friendly nature, stylish riding and affinity with his horses de Luca gives some sound advice to upcoming riders, “Keep on trying and work hard, most importantly never stop learning and remember to love your horses because they are very intelligent animals”, he said.

De Luca has a strong team of horses and looks for a good brain when choosing new prospects. “A good mind is important, most horses are so generous and intelligent, but they need to be genuine”.  If he could choose any horse to jump for a day, he picked the stallion ‘Quickly De Kreisker’ who “would be fun to ride”.

When asked why he wanted to join the ReadySupp team de Luca was quick to respond, “Feeding supplements is really important for me, my horses are athletes and require the best mental and physical support available”.

“My horses jump regularly and I use Performance Joint to make sure they are in top form every week, we ask a lot from our horses and this really helps.”

Lorenzo1Originally from Lecce in the south of Italy De Luca is now based out of Belgium at The Stephex stables, where he trains with Daniel Doisser. He particularly praises Doisser for his strong focus and positivity which he reflects on to his riders.

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ReadySupp supports all of it’s team riders to help them get the best from their equine athletes. If you would like advice or have any questions about how supplements can help improve your horse’s performance, health or attitude please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.



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