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6 Top Tips on How to Get the Best from Your Moody Mare

biting_horseFind yourself wondering what you can do to deal with moods and stroppy behaviour from your mare? These tips might help:


    • Be Prepared if You Buy a Mare: Stroppy behaviour in mares is almost always linked to hormonal cycles, even the least mare-ish horse will go through them, they will be more sensitive and at times sore, especially in the warmer months, when they are in season


    • Be Gentle When Handling and Grooming: Remember mares can be especially sensitive while ovulating


    • Be Careful When Handling and Turning Out: Try to avoid allowing ‘flirty’ behaviour with other horses and don’t turnout with horses that take notice of changing cycles. Tail swishing and kicking out is likely to be increased


    • Start a Fight: If your mare is particularly stroppy it is better to ask less on a bad day, or even go for a hack. She will be more willing to give when she is in a good mood if you show understanding during the ‘bad mood’ days


    • Treat a Mare Like She is a Gelding: Mares are entire, as is a stallion, so her attention won’t always be focused on you and she will be more easily distracted. When she lacks focus on the work you are asking her to do try not to be aggressive, but remind her gently you are there and ask her to cooperate rather than telling her what to do


    • Don’t Punish a Stroppy Mare: always try to work with her rather than against her; you might win the battle on the day but you might start a war for the future, as she’ll never forget. If you are kind and understanding mares will generally go to extra lengths to please you!


Give your mare a helping hand by supplementing her diet with a hormone balancing formulation such as ReadySupp’s Moody Cow. The combination of powerful herbs and calming ingredients help manage and reduce stroppy behaviour and encourage consistent moods and focus

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