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Understanding Equine Nutrition: Will Protein Heat up Your Horse?

Are you wary of dietary protein, imagining that feeding too much will cause excess exuberance in your horse, making him too hot to handle?

You needn’t be. Equine nutritionist Clare MacLeod helps explain why…

Did you know it’s actually starch and sugar that are more closely associated with that ‘fizzy’ feeling, so a stabled horse overfed dietary energy, or a horse turned out on water-soluble-carbohydrate-rich grass pasture after a period of restriction, might be the cause.

Interestingly researchers have shown that replacing dietary energy from starch with an equal amount of energy from oil caused horses to be calmer and learn more effectively.

So perhaps the myth of protein being ‘heating’ from a behavioural point of view came from the fact that feeding more starchy concentrate, or turnout of a normally-stabled horse on growing grass happens to supply more protein as well as more of the potentially ‘heating’ ingredients including starch and/or grass carbohydrates.

This is certainly something to think about…

Our expert Clare MacLeod is an independent Registered Equine Nutritionist with expertise in equine health and fitness. Visit her website for further information.

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