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How To Get a Really Shiny Coat From the Inside


We all finish our competition turnout with shine sprays, hot cloths and glossing mists to add that extra sparkle but what really gives a truly healthy shine to our horses’ coat’s?

Our nutritionist knows that a good shine on a horse’s coat depends on the condition of the skin and hair, so it’s important to feed the inside to affect the outside. Smooth, healthy, shiny hair relies on a correctly balanced diet with adequate essential amino-acids including methionine, microminerals zinc and copper and essential fatty acids (EFA). Omega-3 fatty acids from linseed and/or fish oils are particularly useful – This sounds like the cod liver oil many of us have fed for decades has its benefits, although more comprehensive feeding is available today.

Nutrient deficiencies cause hair dryness, brittleness and lightening, so ensure a horse has all the essential nutrients required every day, fortified with EFAs, for a show-level shine.

ReadySupp Shine On supplement is formulated to help achieve the ultimate in coat and skin health with carefully formulated ingredients. It can also help improve skin quality in horses suffering from dry skin and itchiness. Brewer’s yeast and b-vitamins also help to reduce insect worry.

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Shine On

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